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Have a Qualified Tech Take Care of Your Electrical Panel Upgrades in Gaithersburg

If you think you need an electric panel upgrade or electric repair service in the Gaithersburg area, it’s important to contact our team at Parker Pearce Service Experts immediately. Don’t put it off, hoping it’s a problem you can deal with later when things are more convenient. Your home’s electricity is nothing to mess around with—especially when you take into account all of the appliances and features in your home that depend on a constant supply of electricity.

The electrical system is the lifeblood of almost everything in your home. Water heater, blow dryer, computer, TV, microwave oven, stove, refrigerator and more all require a constant supply of power. At the heart of all this is the electric panel. If you have an issue there, it can be felt throughout the house – and can be very dangerous if left uncorrected.

Electric panel updates are NOT do-it-yourself projects. Fortunately, we have professional electricians at Parker Pearce Service Experts who are prepared to fix your electrical panel issues.

What Does an Electrical Panel Do?

The electrical panel, also called the breaker box, takes care of all electrical circuit breakers in your home. It’s essentially the powerhouse for your home’s electricity. Your electrical panel is hardwired and quite dangerous. Unless you are a licensed and trained electrician, you should not experiment with it in hopes of figuring it out yourself when something with your electricity goes awry. Our electric panel upgrade electricians at Parker Pearce Service Experts all go through extensive schooling, and all are certified, licensed and insured.

Signs Your Home's Electrical Panel Needs Repair:

  • You have a lot of extension cords in your home.
  • Your panel box is making odd noises.
  • Your main breaker panel is hot to the touch.
  • Your lights often flicker.
  • Your lights dim when you turn on certain plug-in appliances.
  • Your power bills are higher than they typically are.
  • Your circuit breakers keep tripping.

Are you constantly “blowing fuses” in your home? If you still have a fuse panel, it’s feasible that your insurance company doesn’t like you very much. When your fused wiring—which runs throughout the walls in your home—becomes overworked, the wires will probably overheat. And when wires overheat, they can cause fires. We believe that everyone should get a circuit breaker panel system in their home to ensure safety.

If your panel gets too hot, it can ruin the main lugs and conductors. The root of your problem could be as simple as outdated technology, especially if it was cheaply built or poorly installed. Or maybe you have a panel that has been compromised or contaminated by other elements in your home. In any case, electric panel issues should be assessed and addressed as soon as possible.

Don’t wait any longer—maximize the efficiency of your home’s electrical system today! In our wired lives, we add to the lineup of electronic devices in our homes regularly. Many electric panel upgrades are required just to keep up with the increasing demands of our electronics and appliances.

Call Parker Pearce Service Experts for All Your Electrical Panel Needs

At Parker Pearce Service Experts, we take your peace of mind seriously. Before we hire an electrician or technician, he or she must pass a drug screening and nationwide criminal background check.

Once hired, your Parker Pearce Service Experts electrical technician will arrive within their scheduled time slot, driving a Parker Pearce Service Experts vehicle, wearing a Parker Pearce Service Experts uniform and displaying a Parker Pearce Service Experts ID badge. You can rest assured that our techs leave their work areas neat and tidy, and treat your home and furnishings as they would want you to treat theirs.

We provide electric panel upgrades in several locations, including Gaithersburg. To learn more about increasing the safety and efficiency of your home’s electrical system, call us at 301-476-4577 today!