Save on Heating and Cooling with a Commercial Mini-Split System in Gaithersburg

When you need to heat and cool a commercial location without ductwork in Gaithersburg, look no further than the quiet, yet powerful mini-split.

Mini-split systems provide accurate, energy-efficient cooling and heating. Instead of working at maximum speed, these cooling systems use multispeed adjustments to regulate air conditioning. And much like a heat pump, they move heat instead of generating it.

Because of its features, a commercial ductless system could mean considerable savings for your business. The EPA determined ENERGY STAR®-rated models can reduce cooling costs up to 30 percent and heating costs up to 50 percent.*

Plus, you’ll save even more because you won’t have to put in ductwork. And your office or commercial building will be more comfortable, because it won’t have the energy loss associated with a ducted system.

When you install a commercial mini-split system, you need an Expert technician knows about the product. That’s Parker Pearce Service Experts.

All of our technicians have earned the industry’s gold standard—ACE certification. This means they’re knowledgeable about HVAC products and how to best serve you. Plus, we back all of their quality work with our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee for a year.**

How a Ductless Mini-Split System Works

A mini-split system involves an outdoor unit and one or more indoor units attached to the wall or in the ceiling. They’re joined by a refrigerant line that stretches through a small hole in the wall.

Mini-splits are zoned systems. This allows you to adjust heating or cooling in one location. Although mini-splits can be set at different temperatures, they use the same outdoor unit to heat and cool.

Routine Maintenance Could Help Your System Last Longer

A routine tune-up program from Parker Pearce Service Experts may expand the life of your new mini-split system. Routine tune-ups could help catch problems before they start, helping you avoid pricey service calls. Plus, a well-maintained system is more energy efficient and could save you even more on energy bills.

Contact the Experts at Parker Pearce Service Experts when your mini-split system needs to be fixed. We fix all models.

*When compared to traditional HVAC equipment such as furnaces or air conditioners.
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