Why HVAC Maintenance Plans Are Worth It 

The overall efficiency of your HVAC system is critical because it promotes home comfort and good indoor air quality. But an efficient HVAC system doesn’t happen naturally. Your furnace and air conditioner work hard around the clock, which opens them to a broad variety of possible issues. 

These issues are frequently small enough that they rarely keep your furnace or air conditioner from functioning. However, they may hamper energy efficiency—and your heating and cooling costs. If these malfunctions grow more severe, your entire system may be threatened. These are annoyances and costs you may fend off with regular HVAC maintenance. 

Why HVAC Maintenance is Necessary 

If your furnace or air conditioner was recently installed or looks to be running just fine, you might struggle with why HVAC maintenance is needed. Here’s what this routine service can offer you. 

Keeps Your Warranty in Tact 

A warranty protects you when your HVAC system is in need of repairs. But refusing annual maintenance nullifies your warranty. Using a brief amount on a tune-up now can help you prevent expensive repairs that your warranty would otherwise include. 

Finds Small Troubles Ahead of Time 

Avoiding major troubles in the first place is the best method to shield your HVAC system. Routine maintenance visits grant the opportunity to thoroughly review and lubricate vital internal systems. It also offers an opportunity for repairs before the peak heating or cooling season appears. You’ll spend less money in the long run if issues are resolved as they begin. 

May Boost Energy Efficiency 

Routine maintenance is about more than avoiding breakdowns. It’s also about keeping your system working as well as possible. The improved performance might lower your energy expenses by up to 30%. 

May Help Your System Run Longer 

When your HVAC system runs the way it should, it can survive years longer. Many furnaces and air conditioners average a 15-year life span, but annual maintenance could extend this even further. 

Get More from HVAC Maintenance with an HVAC Membership Plan 

Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing offers a number of membership plans designed to suit your unique needs. From budget-friendly options to comprehensive coverage, we can provide the right maintenance plan to keep your home comfort systems running efficiently and consistently. 


Our free membership plan that includes all of our Priority+™ products. 


Our Maintenance+™ membership comes with the best value. It adds a yearly safety inspection, greater energy savings and regular preventive maintenance to the base-level plan. 

The Advantage™ Program 

If you want to upgrade your HVAC equipment immediately, or you just want a system that’s more energy efficient, the Service Experts Advantage Program™ is best for you. You’ll get a new system for just one low monthly payment, with maintenance and repairs* included. No down payment is required. 

5 Advantages of HVAC Maintenance Plans 

Here are just a few of our members’ most popular perks: 

  1. Priority service. Your furnace or air conditioner is likely to give out during severe weather. Unfortunately, this is frequently when everyone else’s systems are affected too. So we regularly accommodate a high volume of service calls during peak seasons. With an HVAC maintenance plan, you’ll skip to the front of the line with 24/7/365 guaranteed priority service. And you’ll never pay any trip charges or overtime fees. Ever. 
  1. No trip charge – EVER. You’ll never be responsible for covering the expense of a Service Experts Heating, Air Conditioning & Plumbing tech driving to your house. 
  1. Discounts on products and repairs. These days, indoor air quality is more vital than ever. That’s why our plans include 15% off air quality products like whole-home air filtration systems. Created with your budget in mind, our maintenance plans also include 15% off repairs. 
  1. 100% satisfaction guarantee. We back our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.* If something isn’t correct, you can rely on us to keep trying until it is. 
  1. Meticulous visual evaluation with every visit. Your home comfort is our top priority. That’s why each visit incorporates a 29-point visual exam and Home Health™ Report Card. 

Your HVAC system is a crucial home investment. Protect it while access to extra advantages by enrolling in a maintenance plan right away. Whatever your budget, we can help you select the right plan for your needs. To get started, call us at 866-397-3787 now! 


*For HVAC Service Memberships, certain warranty exclusions and limitations apply. See your signed agreement for full terms and conditions. For the Advantage Program™, please see your signed Advantage Program Agreement for full details and exclusions. Lease with approved credit; visit ServiceExperts.com for details. 

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